The Likes of Me

Every time I get a little money, I just have to spend it all at once
Every time I open up a bottle, gotta finish every drop
Every time I eat an appetizer, I just gotta have a three course meal
Never gonna reach my destination 'cos I don't know how to stop
Every time I fall in love with someone new, I turn into a stalker type
I'm creepy and obsessive and I end up causing everybody pain
All I really wanna do is eat all the forbidden fruit before it's ripe
You're never going to see the likes of me around this neighborhood again

I'm a walking, talking accident
You don't understand my predicament
You may think that I have gone insane
But please let me explain

[repeat refrain]

Well I'm not the first pathetic soul
Who could use a bit more self control
Take a good hard look and you might see
That you're the same as me
You're just the same as me

[repeat refrain]
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