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Screw You

You wanna know what I've been doing
                  F             G
Since you left me with a broken heart
I get the feeling that you're hoping
                          F           C
That I'm still miserable, still torn apart
You wanna know what I've been up to
                    F                     G
Since you walked out and turned me upside down
      Dm      Dm/C bass  G7
Well, I won't lie to you

                C      G         F
I've been going out, having fun, making friends
 F     C
Screw you
  C            G            F
Going places, running wild, meeting people
 F    C
It's true
 Dm            G
Doing things I couldn't do
  F       F/E bass   Dm      C
All those years I spent with you
Never thought forgetting you
     G      C  G
Would be so easy

...and then the rest of the song goes on using the same chords.