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Come Join Me On Mastodon

Looks like ol' Elon killed off my schedule bot on Twitter. Come join me on Mastodon for our regularly scheduled toots at

Come Home...The Video!

Pat's newest single also comes with his first music video in 15 years!

Come Home

The new single Come Home is available for streaming/download now! It's a three-minute slice of 70s sunshine pop...and you're gonna love it! And, look for a music video - Pat's first in 15 years - in the weeks ahead!

And be sure to check out other recent singles I Should Have Stayed in Bed, Sense of Humor, Science and Small Things.

Now is Not the Time for Sad Songs

Now is Not the Time for Sad Songs
The Pandemic 2020 Souvenir is here! Order the CD now! Or download on Apple Music or Amazon!

Sex & Beer Video

My good friends at Tapioca Creations created this spectacular Sex & Beer music video! Check it out!

Pat's Music Available To Download

Now you can buy some of Pat's music through Apple Music and Amazon! Also available are new versions of "I Have My Moments" and "Sex & Beer"