Frequently Asked Questions

Just who is this Pat fellow?

Pat McCurdy is a musician who hails from Milwaukee and is finding a small but growing cult following across the country. In addition to playing in Milwaukee, he regularly plays all over Wisconsin, as well as northern Illinois (mainly Chicago) and Minneapolis. Sometimes he takes roadtrips to other parts of the country; the next time he does, we'll tell you.

What kind of music does he play?

He plays Pat music. He writes all his own songs, in a variety of styles. One person has said that it is "good drinking music." It's really kind of hard to pin down; if you have a good description, let me know. His main appeal is to the college crowd, but it is not unusual to see others not fitting this stereotype enjoying his music.

Is he part of a band?

He used to be; now he mainly plays solo. Years ago, he was in various bands, such as Yipes!, The Men About Town and The Confidentials, so if the name sounds familar it may be from back then. He's been around for a while.

How do I know when Pat plays?

His schedule can be found here on this very web site. Or if you're one of the hip kids, follow Pat on Facebook and Twitter.

Does Pat have any albums?

Yes, and they're far too numerous to list here. Instead, go to this page which lists them all and has all the lyrics, too. They are all available at our shop, as well as at the shows. Some are even available on Apple Music and Amazon.

Why have you seen Pat 119 times in the past year? Are you like a stalker or something?

Hey, there's a precedence for it; look at all the people who used to follow around the Grateful Dead to every show. That's why we've taken to calling ourselves PatHeads. It's a way of life. Peace, man.

No, really. If I have all the albums, what's the point of seeing him every week?

Because of all the great and fun things you'll miss! Only a small portion of his songs are on the albums. If he took every song he ever wrote and recorded them, he'd have enough material for at least 7 or 8 more albums. Plus, he's writing new songs all the time. One of the reasons to go is to hear these songs that aren't on the albums. Also, he often changes a few lyric on songs, or does reggae or polka versions of them; you think of it, he'll do it. Then there's the times where he'll have amateur night where you, yes you, can get up on stage and show off your amazing talents or even sing a song with Pat. And there are Treat Nights, when Pat hands out Swedish Fish or Popsicles. Or All Request Nights. Hey, once we even played Charades. A Pat show is like a Tuesday at the Mickey Mouse Club; anything can happen and it usually does. But hey, that's the whole purpose of the Bulletin Board; instead of listening to me ramble on endlessly, we can start threads and threads of discussions. Try it, it's fun! Whee!

I might want to hire Pat. How do I contact his manager?

To contact Pat's manager directly, you can send email to, call 414-916-4914 or write to:
Brian Murphy
1433 N. 51st Street
Milwaukee, WI 53208

When is Pat's birthday?

September 29. That makes him Libra, the sign of terribly creative folks who tend to be musicians or create web pages.

Do you have anymore Pat McCurdy information for me?

Not at the moment. However, if you have any further questions or additions that you feel should be in this FAQ, send an email to