Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 27, 2020
These Milwaukee musicians' live shows are canceled indefinitely. Now they're performing online.

Shepherd Express Feb. 12, 2019
Milwaukee Rockers Yipes! Reunite For a Very Belated Third Album June 27, 2014
Yipes! has it been that long? June 25, 2014
Yipes! They're back!

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel April 12, 2013
Former Milwaukee favorites Yipes! reuniting for WAMI awards

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel June 23, 2010
Pat McCurdy: Why I Love My Guitar

Scene December 1, 2009
Pat plays it steady...and often! February 17, 2009
Banshee, McCurdy help put season's greetings to music

Wisconsin State Journal May 25, 2008
Standing With Pat It's More Than A Show. It's Like A Family Reunion. November 7, 2007
McCurdy stretches musical muscles on "15 Favorites" August 16 2006
A night on the road with Pat McCurdy

The Spectator September 12, 2005
Partying with Pat

La Crosse Tribune December 12, 2003
Unknown musician most loved in the state

Badger Herald April 11, 2003
McCurdy strikes a chord in Madison

Wisconsin State Journal October 4, 2001
McCurdy pitches in June 12, 2001
The Lucky 13: Q & A with Pat McCurdy May 8, 2001
Pat McCurdy: Pat in Person, Vol. 2

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel March 5, 2001
Summerfest contract is music to this performer

Milwaukee Magazine January 2001
Where Are They Now? Mike Sieger Goes Solo

Wisconsin State Journal December 2, 1999
Pat Answers

The Green Bay News-Chronicle April 22, 1999
Band together

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel January 15, 1999
McCurdy stands Pat on new album

Northshore LifeStyle August 1998
A Man of Many Words

Chicago Tribune February 6, 1998
Patheads of the world insist that affable Pat McCurdy's the man

Shepherd Express December 18, 1997

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel June 28, 1997
Waxing gymnastic

The New Perspective April 25, 1997
Pat McCurdy performs a "Groovy Thing" at Spring Fling

Milwaukee Journal March 27, 1994
The Dean of the Scene

Green Bay Press-Gazette March 24, 1994
Comic relief

The Milwaukee Journal February 2, 1992
Pat McCurdy is on target with one of his best

Marquette Tribune October 1991
McCurdy's homecoming act will entertain 'College Kids'

Night Sites and Sounds May 1991

Shepherd Express August 23, 1990
Pat McCurdy's Hot Solo Show

Milwaukee Journal April 21, 1989
The show must go on

Waukesha Freeman February 1989
'If the Beatles could do it, so could I'

Shepherd Express May 12, 1988
Pat McCurdy and the Confidentials' New Tape

Milwaukee Journal May 3, 1988

Milwaukee Magazine May 1988

The UWM Post April 7, 1988
McCurdy's 'Good Life' satisfying to commercial tastes

Marquette Tribune April 7, 1988
'The Good Life' is discovered in Milwaukee band's cassette

The UWM Post February 23, 1988
McCurdy enjoys success in own unique category

Milwaukee Magazine March 1984
The Cream City Sound

Milwaukee Sentinel December 9, 1983
Pat McCurdy Band on 'Star Search'

Milwaukee Journal July 9, 1982
Success wasn't enough for Pat McCurdy

Milwaukee Sentinel January 15, 1982
Men About Town are familiar faces

Tacoma Washington News Tribune November 19, 1980
Yipes!! They can 'play anywhere' after humble beginnings on circuit

Milwaukee Journal August 15, 1980
Yipes! Why shout? Just look at the record charts

Milwaukee Journal January 1, 1980
Rock band Yipes! aiming at stardom

Milwaukee Sentinel August 24, 1979
Nation will get an earful of Yipes! rock

Milwaukee Sentinel May 11, 1979
Yipes! it's all fun -- and profit

Milwaukee Sentinel November 10, 1978
Yipes! Can These Musicians Rock!

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