Guitar Tabs | Second Honeymoon

Second Honeymoon

Tabbed by Tony Lanahan
I'm sitting on the corner of a heart-shaped bed
      (C        B  Bb) A
You're naked in a hot tub
I'm staring at the bubbles in the cheap champagne
That came with the room
    E	               	  A
I'm looking at you in the silver thing
E	                            A		
That covered up the dinner that we had them bring 
     D     A 
just hours ago
That we didn't touch any of
'Cause we were so in love 
A			     F#
Why don't you kiss me with open mouth?
Bm			E
Why do you do it with a pursed one?
A			        F#
This was supposed to be our second honeymoon
Bm			Dm
OK, we never had a first one
Oh no, oh no, oh no 

Continue on with the same pattern through the rest of the song