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Life Is A Buffet


E ---4-4-4--4-4--4-4-4--4-4--2---0
B ---5-5-5--0-0--0-0-0--0-0--4-4-0
G -------------------------------1
D -------------------------------2
A --------------------------------
E -0-----------------------------0

E                 B7
Life is a buffet, eat like a pig
B                             A   E
If you're gonna dream baby, dream big
E                 A
Everybody zags, why don't you zig
E                  B7         E
Life is a buffet, eat like a pig

E                          B7
Just look at your life, as boring as can be
B                        E
How can you stand the monotony
E                      A
Every single day, the same as the last
 E                              B7            E
Something's gotta change and it better change fast


E                               B7
Now you don't drink or smoke, you don't run around
    B                                E
You eat those healthy foods and you stay away from town

E                      A
Nothing that you do is ever untoward
E                         B7                 E
Aren't you getting tired, aren't you getting bored

E                            B7
I know what you believe, I know just how you feel
      B                            E
But what if God's a myth, what if heaven isn't real
E                                 A
What if all your prayers fall on non-existant ears

If there's no after life, 
            B7              E
well you'd better live one here

Chorus (2x)