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Goofy Town

Tabbed by Tony Lanahan
D slide to 10th fret
          E        A              D    Bm
I live in Goofy Town with all the idiots
           G           A            D      Bm
And we don't have a clue, but we're content
          E          A            D D/C#   Bm
I live in Goofy Town where all the morons are
           G      A                    D slide to 13th fret
Completely out of whack and really bent 

         G              A
I got no sense, I got no senses
         G         A
I got no natural defenses
          Bm            A
I got no past of future tenses
      E        A         D
I'm a man without a memory 

I never feel compassion
That kind of thing is out of fashion
Give me a hammer, I'll start smashin'
And all our problems will be solved 
       D                       A                
Really bent, really bent, I am really very bent
        C                   G
I'm one hundred ten percent bent
        G or Bm                  D or F
And I'm wondering how my life went
   A       A/C#?
So astray, hey, hey! 
So if you need, a new beginning
A new local, to do your sinning
If you don't care which team is winning
Welcome to my home 
	D	D/C#	Em/G	?
E	2	2	2	2
B	3	3	2	2
G	2	2	0	0
D	0	3	2	2
A	x	x	2	1
E	x	x	0	0