Guitar Tabs | Shitty Little Apartment

Shitty Little Apartment

Tabbed by Gilldo
Pat plays this in F on the CD, but its much easier in G, up a whole step. 
It starts on a G chord, so keep the third fret on the high E string held, 
but use your other fingers on the B string to do the melody (open, first, 
third, first, open). That takes you to "a" on apartment. 
Then hit the D string for the D chord. Easy.

G                      D
In this shitty little apartment
F          Am
Two floors up
F      Am
We got drunk
    F  C    G
And we made love
G                       D
Nearly every window was broken
F      Am
Almost froze
F                  Am
Could've been much worse
F C  G
I suppose
D                          G 
I suppose I could've been alone
(re-do chord progression)

(same as first verse)
In this shitty little apartment
On a shitty little block
All day long
The landlord knocked
In the room at the end of the hallway
Someone died
Scared us half to death
Can't be denied
But I suppose we could've been alone

In this shitty little apartment, two floors up
We got drunk and we made love