Guitar Tabs | Hey Paddy!

Hey Paddy!

Tabbed by PatHead Jensen
C                     G  C                     G
Hello, my name is Paddy, I play this here guitar
C                     G  C                    G  
Hello, my name is Paddy, I like whiskey in my jar
C                    G                C
I come here to [insert bar name here] to play my 
songs for you
C                    G  C                     G
If you don't like them, you know what you can do

Hey Paddy,
Play a song for me
C                 G 
I paid $4 cover charge
C    F       G
It's highway robbery

This pattern is done thru the entire song  Enjoy!!!

Paddy's short for Patrick, who is Ireland's patron saint
He drove away the serpents in story that's old and quaint
But Paddy's not concerned with any history to make
He doesn't mind if any lassie wants to chase his snake


Paddy went a strollin' one lazy summer day
He came upon a leprechaun, the little elf did say,
"If you can catch me Paddy, you'll be a rich man when you're old!"
Paddy killed that fucking leprechaun and stold his pot of gold


So, Paddy left this place, he left quite suddenly
He settled down in Memphis T-E-N-N-E-S-S-E-E
He ran real fast, he ran real hard, he ran right out of breath
'Cause Paddy was responsible for Elvis Presley's death
But Elvis isn't dead
He is still alive
Living in Kalamazoo
Eating at Burger King
And if he were here tonight, he'd sing:

Hey Paddy
Play a song for me
I paid $4 cover charge
Less Demerol for me

Paddy took a fever, he nearly lost his head
And early the next morning they found Paddy stone cold dead
They held a wake to celebrate the man that used to be
Paddy woke up screaming "How come no one invited me?!"