Guitar Tabs | I Was High

I Was High

Tabbed by Tony Lanahan
The first part is tabbed, then the song basically
repeats three times. To "freak out" just slide an
A or an A7 with the B open up the neck as far as
you want and return to the intro pattern.

Intro and such
A A6 E6 E up on the 5th fret - here's how it looks

        A	A6	E6	E
E	0	0	0	0
B	5	7	7	5
G	6	6	x	x
D	7	7	6	6
A	0	0	7	7
E	x	x	0	0

A             A6     E6      E             A    A6    E6    
You like to reminisce about the night that we first met
E             A    A6          E6   E      A    A6    A 
When I said hello and lit the wrong end of my cigarette
A6                 F#          Bm 
You tell me it was magical and mystical
     E         A 	          (regular E and A here)
And later on, quite physical
    D5    finger to 4, 6 then 7                 A   A6 A A6 A
The first tiny step on the road of our lives together
    D5                                              A   A6 A A6 A
A night that we'll share in our hearts and minds forever
           D       A     E
But was it August or September?
       D         E          A  A6 E6 E
I was high so I don't remember
And then the rest of the song goes on like that.
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