Press | Pat McCurdy and the Confidentials' New Tape (May 12, 1988)

Shepherd Express May 12, 1988

Pat McCurdy and the Confidentials' New Tape

by Tim Forkes

McCurdy and the boys have a new tape out. The production is really good, which complements the strong song writing, but there seems to be something missing. When they play live, there's a certain intensity that emanates from the stage. Although that "feel" cannot easily be duplicated in the studio, just one word would help restore some of that feeling: Volume.

Don't let that stop you from buying this tape. Just remember to crank up the volume knob when you put it on. I listen to it once, at on "I'm-over-30" velocity and felt it was missing something. When it was turned up the music took on a whole different sound.

This work is a serious endeavor -- the live shows are wild abandon. "Everywhere I Go, Everything I Do" captures a bit of that crazy stage persona, as does "In Pursuit". In fact, side two is really a lot grungier the inside one.

Side two drops the Beatlesque Sgt. Peppers sound for McCurdy's famous aggressive punch. Doug Knight's guitar has a little more bite to it, and McCurdy's voice takes on some of that edge. Not a razor's edge, it's more like a hot iron at the tip of a cliff.

Pat McCurdy has a great band working with him, including Jim Whitfield on bass and George Wood on drums. Wood, an innovative musician, goes along with that basic boom-chuck sound current rock and roll is stuck in, but only for so long: He does more than just keep a beat. McCurdy has been a local favorite for many years and he deserves to make it all the way. This tape could do just that.