McCurdy's homecoming act will entertain 'College Kids' (October 1991)

Marquette Tribune October 1991

McCurdy's homecoming act will entertain 'College Kids'

by Laura Hagensick

With musician Pat McCurdy playing at Homecoming festivities this year, things are going to begin on a good note.

McCurdy will perform at the kick-off celebration at 5 p.m. Thursday outside the Alumni Memorial Union. He will be accompanied by his back-up band, The Sweet Trio.

McCurdy is a popular performer in the Milwaukee area and especially well-liked by Marquette students, proved by his many well-attended shows at Marquette functions.

One of McCurdy's most memorable Marquette shows was during Senior Week two years ago at Serb Hall, 5601 W. Oklahoma Ave. It was there he found his inspiration for the song "Those Goddamn College Kids."

"The students were pouring beer on the floor and the tiles came up," said McCurdy in a recent interview. "The owner came up to me and said, 'those goddamn college kids got no respect for anything. What are you going to do about it?'"

Last year's Senior Week performance was memorable also. "It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen," he said. "There were about 1,000 people there. They were throwing beer and it looked like fireworks from the stage with all the lights.

"It could have been chaos, but it was fun. We had to put jackets over the equipment and we were six feet above the ground," McCurdy said. "It was wild."

Among McCurdy's accomplishments are two albums, "The Good Life" and "Memorial Day." Both albums were produced under the Radio Corporation of America label.

McCurdy's songs are written from personal experience. Much of his inspiration has come from college students.

"They are the most open-minded people," said McCurdy. "Young people are more willing to accept because they don't have preconceptions. They have better sense of humor."

This year, McCurdy, 37, will tour many college campuses across the country, performing as far away as New York and California. He has played at Marquette five or six times in the past two years.
"It's one of my favorite places to play," he said.

McCurdy describes his songs as "funny, but not comedy. While I'm being funny I make points about life in general."

He plays at different levels and challenges his audience to find the subtle meaning in his songs.

"You can hear it and get one meaning and then read the lyrics and get something totally different," he said.

McCurdy described his ideal place to play is "a median-sized room with real comfortable chairs.

"A big room, but not too intimating for the audience or for me," McCurdy said. "It should be big enough for a lot of people to get in, but like you're in your living room.

"And there should be beer all you can drink."

McCurdy's latest album is scheduled for release Nov. 23. Titled "Pat McCurdy in The Sound of Music," the album was independently produced and took about one month to record. McCurdy said the production contains all new songs. It will be available in a 15-song cassette and a 16-song compact disc version.

In addition to his Homecoming performances, McCurdy will play Saturday at the Jamboree, which will go from to 10 p.m. at North 14th and West State streets. McCurdy regularly plays Wednesday nights at Sherman's Celebrity Club, 2203 N. Prospect Ave.
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