Set Lists | February 13, 1993 - Boardwalk

February 13, 1993


Milwaukee, WI

Set 1
I Want Money
I Am Wonderful
Drive In Reverse
Everywhere I Go
Rich Young Pretty & Tan
Guy Outside
Be Together Soon
Southern Song
Proto-Tribute To The 80s
Oh Yes I Do
Bring It On Home To Me
Don't Touch My Sister

Set 2
Somebody Else For Awhile
Imagine A Picture
Groovy Thing
Oh Man I Understand
Brown Eyed Girl
We Made Love
No Particular Place To Go
Thousand Times Why
Hercules Unchained

Set 3
I'm Artistic
In Pursuit
Everything's Fine
Getting Over You
She Said
Knock Things Over
I Feel Good
You Shook Me
Nude Party