Set Lists | December 26, 2001 - Shank Hall

December 26, 2001

Shank Hall

Milwaukee, WI

Set 1
Can't You See That I'm In Love With You
Not Completely Satisfied
Too Much Sun
Baby, I'm Looking For You
Someone Like You
A Simple Song
Beautiful Dream
Hippy Chicks
Love Go Round
Hercules Unchained
Everywhere I Go, Everything I Do
Ein, Zwei, Drei, Fuck You
Paris When It Burns
Love Conquers

Set 2
Secret Life
We Just Can't
Tomorrow's Going To Be Another Day
Lucky Son of a Bitch
In Pursuit
How Could I Forget
We're In The Dark
Famous Face
My Little Soldier
Dumbest Fucking Thing
You're A Masterpiece
I Don't Know Why
Groovy Thing
Promise Me
Knock Things Over