Set Lists | April 6, 2002 - Fine Line Cafe

April 6, 2002

Fine Line Cafe

Minneapolis, MN

Set 1
Drive In Reverse
Tomorrow's Going To Be Another Day
Ruin My Life
Imagine A Picture
Hey Paddy
Browned Eyed Girl
Knock Things Over

Set 2
Nude Party
(Samplings of songs he'll play next time)
Sex And Beer
Getting clotheslined by JayMon(parking lot)

Set 3
(This set actually happenned at our house, "2119" and Pat wasn't here except in spirit).
Duel Duets (cover from Shock Treatment)
Drunken Pizza Eating
Lots of Ryan Adams
Just Older (Bon Jovi cover)
Breaking The Brown Phone
Throwing Vodka On Each Other
The Saving of NG and BATCHA
Hate Boxing
Bowling Ball Rowling
Star Wars Trivia Pursuit
Clean Up (the next day)