Set Lists | February 16, 2003 - O'Brien's

February 16, 2003


Milwaukee, WI

Set 1
Funny Feeling
My Mullet
Can't Stop Messin'
In My Mind
Once I Got Excited
You Piss Me Off (But I Love You)
Don't Wait Another Day
Three Cool Cats
Love Go Round
Tough Life
I Will Never Stop Loving You
My World of Love
Nobody in my Neighborhood
There's Someone at my Door
Hercules Unchained

Set 2
The Likes of Me
Little Pink Umbrella
Started Out With A Bang
Ann Marie
Peggy Sue Got Married
Everybody In This Town Is Drunk
Sitting On A Hill
You're A Masterpiece
Tomorrow's Going To Be Another Day
Please Lock The Door
Long Good-Bye
Modern Day Miracle
Open Your Heart To The World
Up Too Late