Set Lists | July 10, 2004 - Shank Hall

July 10, 2004

Shank Hall

Milwaukee, WI

Set 1
Lately I Haven't Been Myself
That's Me
I Hope You Like This Song
My New Religion
Happy Man
I Think I'll Join A Cult
You Are Going To Make Me Lose My Mind
Hey Paddy
I Want To Tell You That I Love You
Bad Beatles / Folk Songs
Knock Things Over

Set 2
Ruin My Life
Thankless Bastard
I'm The Clown At Your Birthday Party
Imagine A Picture
Goofy Town
Freudian Love Song
Choking The Gopher
Into Each Other
Oh Well What The Hell
Spank Me
Disaster Girl
Hercules Unchained
Let's Do It
There's Someone At The Door
Tribute To The 80s
Screw You
Completely Blue
Sex & Beer