Set Lists | January 16, 2005 - Shank Hall

January 16, 2005

Shank Hall

Milwaukee, WI

Set 1
Some of My Friends
Big, Dumb, and Embarrassing
Empty Man
Sports and Porn
Once Before I Die
Little Pink Umbrella
Lately I Haven't Been Myself
She Said, She Said
Something Better
Drunk or Insane
Thousand Times Why
You Won't Be There
Can't You Hear The Beating Of My Heart
Say Yeah

Set 2
Please Won't You Sleep With Me
I'm Thinking of Moving to Canada
I Don't Come From No Monkey
The Racist Song
Can't You See That I'm In Love With You
15th of July, 1995
In Pursuit
Onion Rings
Shitty Little Apartment
Let's Do That Again
Start All Over Again
Bring It On Home
Nobody In My Neighborhood
Some Sweet Day
Life's Too Short