Set Lists | September 16, 2013 - Karma Bar and Grill

September 16, 2013
Karma Bar and Grill Milwaukee, WI

Set 1
You Ain't No Fun Any More
When I Woke Up Yesterday
I'll Get Over You
I've Been Jerked Around
Doomed From The Start (part 1)
I Hardly Ever Think About You
Doomed From The Start (part 2)
Up Too Late
They've Taken All The Mystery Out of Life
Sometimes My Dreams Seem So Real
Hold On Tight
You Piss Me Off (But I Love You)
We Made Love
Started Out With A Bang
She Never Put Down Her Phone
In My Old Suburban Home
Hang On

Set 2
Rich Young Pretty and Tan
I'm The One You Want
Gettin' Some
Practically Out of My Mind
Tell Me What You See
Only Decent Thing
I Will Never Loving You
In My New Religion
Nothing's Changed
You're a Masterpiece
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