Set Lists | January 1, 1989 - Boardwalk

January 1, 1989


Milwaukee, WI

Set 1
Nothing Left To Say
I've Got Feelings Too
I Should Have Loved Her More
I Will Be Strong
Big Bad World
All Shook Up
One Lie
Listen To The Bells
Still Won't Let You Go
Arizona Winds
Wake Up Go To Work

Set 2
Everywhere I Go, Everything I Do
Stand Up and Sing
What Make Monica Cry?
Don't Touch My Sister
Getting Over You
Where Do I Go Now
Please Lock The Door
Don't Wait Another Day
Girl From Outer Space
Sea Cruise
Bring It On Home
Gonna See Her Again

Set 3
Stranger in a Strange Town
Wonderland of Love
House of Love
Something Inside of Me
Much Too Cold
Completely Blue
In Pursuit
Everything's Fine
The Good Life!
Route 66