Set Lists | December 3, 1988 - Boardwalk

December 3, 1988


Milwaukee, WI

Set 1
Stranger in a Strange Town
Wonderland of Love
House of Love
Gonna See Her Again
One Lie
Big Bad World
Please Lock The Door
Completely Blue
Something Inside of Me
Wake Up Go To Work

Set 2
I Should Have Loved Her More
Stand Up and Sing
What Makes Monica Cry
Much Too Cold
I Will Be Strong
Don't Touch My Sister
Don't Wait Another Day
Girl From Outer Space
Still Won't Let You Go
In Pursuit
Nothing Left To Say

Set 3
Arizona Winds
Everywhere I Go, Everything I Do
I've Got Feelings Too
Getting Over You
Where Do I Go Now
Why'd You Have To Break My Heart
Walking On The Moon
Everything's Fine