Set Lists | January 20, 2014 - Karma Bar and Grill

January 20, 2014
Karma Bar and Grill Milwaukee, WI

Set 1
I'll Be Good To You
I Want a Woman Just Like You
I've Got a Reason to Live
You Sure Know How To Have Fun
She Never Put Down Her Phone
Those Were Not The Days
In My Old Suburban Home
Sometimes My Dreams Seem So Real
Drive in Reverse
I Guess It Wouldn't Work Out
Camping With Lesbians
Everyone's a Whore
Tell Me Why

Set 2
Shitty Little Apartment
In Pursuit
Hang On
I Am Wonderful
Stumbling in the Dark
Nobody Cares (Like I Do)
Leave This Kid Alone
I Don't Know Why
You Need Me
I Will Never Stop Loving You
You're My Favorite
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