Set Lists | January 31, 2016 - Redbar

January 31, 2016


St. Francis, WI

Set 1
Hang On
I Don't Know Why I Love You (But I Do)
Reason To Live
Freudian Love Song
Suddenly It All Comes Back To Me
Cute Little Bastard
Hi-Lo Drive
Pucker Up
Screw You
Monkey Paw
All America Will Soon Be Singing This Song
Hey Paddy!

Set 2
Life is Tricky, Life is Tough
Thank You Girl
I Like Everything
Chokin' the Gopher
The Likes of Me
As Long As I Have You
Nothing's Going To Get Me Down
Cheer Up
I Have My Moments
My Troubles
Long Good-Bye
Drive in Reverse
Sex & Beer