Set Lists | September 20, 2017 - City Lights Brewing Co.

September 20, 2017
City Lights Brewing Co. Milwaukee, WI

Set 1
Nothing's Going To Get Me Down
Don't Touch My Sister
Opposites Attract
As Long As I Have You
If I Loved You and You Loved Me
Hang On
Reason to Live
On a Long Hot Summer Night
Camping with Lesbians
I Want Money
Twenty Million Bucks
Any Time is Best
I'll Be Good to You
Hey Paddy!
Imagine a Picture
True Lover
Anyone Can Be a Star
Screw You
Into Each Other
My Troubles
Drive in Reverse
Real Prince Charming
That Baby Don't Look Like Me
Ruin My Life
Don't Ask Me
Groovy Thing
She Said
Television Ruined My Life
Long Good-Bye
This Time Next Year
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