Set Lists | March 14, 2018 - Mo's Irish Pub

March 14, 2018

Mo's Irish Pub

Milwauke, WI

Set 1
I Don't Know Why I Love You (But I Do)
Repent Before It's Too Late
I'm Not Interested in Anything But You
Let's Get Wasted
Stop Staring at Your Fucking Phone
Pub in Dublin
Camping With Lesbians
Fuck Buddy Song
Five Women - A Suite
Things A Woman Would Never Want To Hear A Guy Say To Her While Sitting At A Bar
Monkey Paw
Kiss Me, I'm Irish
Hey Paddy!

Set 2
Drive in Reverse
This Song Sounds Better When You're High
Can I Move in With You?
Molly O'Scanlan
She's in Love With a Douchebag
Screw You
Watch All Our Worries Disappear
As Long As I Have You
Imagine a Picture
Ruin My Life
Sex & Beer