Set Lists | July 11, 2019 - Charcoal Grill

July 11, 2019

Charcoal Grill

Oak Creek, WI

Set 1
The Party's Just Begun
All Summer Long
No More Dicking Around
Rich Young Pretty and Tan
Stop Staring at Your Fucking Phone
Look at What the Cat Dragged In
The Happiest Man on Earth
Onion Rings
Screw You
Tinder Tinder, Swipe Swipe
Let's Get Wasted
Hey Paddy!

Set 2
Don't Do Anything You'll Regret
Good to You
Be Together Soon
Reason to Live
Freudian Love Song
I'll Always Pick You Up at the Airport
Monkey Paw
Mr. Jameson
Imagine a Picture
Ruin My Life
Drive in Reverse
Sex & Beer