Set Lists | June 26, 2020 - Pat’s House

June 26, 2020
Pat’s House Milwaukee , WI

Set 1
All Summer Long
Camping with Lesbians
Fuck Buddy Song
Argyle Avenue
Manly Love
Nude Party
Molly O'Scanlan
If I Wasn't Drunk
Hey Paddy!
Cheer Up
Disaster Girl
Chinese Food
Life is a Buffet
That Baby Don’t Look Like Me
Up Too Late

Request Medley #1:
Thankless Bastard
Modern Day Miracle
Five Lessons
On the Street Where I Live
Top of the World
Weak in the Knee
Every Day is Christmas
Imagine a Picture
Blink of an Eye
Thousand Times Why
Will You Ever Learn
My Troubles
Big Porno Hair
The Good Life
She’s in Love with a Douchebag
I Don’t Know Why

Can’t You See That I’m in Love with You
Time Stands Still

Request Medley #2
Happy Hate Song (I.H.A.T.E Y.O.U.)
Big Fucking Macho Guy
Listen to the Bells
Nobody in My Neighborhood
East Side Kids
Idiot for Your Love
I Am Wonderful
Something Better
Secretly Dainty
I Don’t Come from No Monkey
She Stood Up
Pretend I’m Santa and Sit on My Lap
My World of Love
Ruin My Life
Everybody in This Town is Drunk
The Ballad of Rudolph Kaiser (Einstein)

Napoleon’s Penis
Chokin’ the Gopher
Monkey Paw
Sick of This Shit
Knock Things Over
Drive in Reverse
This Time Next Year/Jesus
Beautiful Dream
Sex & Beer
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