Set Lists | February 17, 2023 - Pat's House

February 17, 2023

Pat's House

Milwaukee , WI

Set 1
I'm Okay
Now is Not the Time for Sad Songs
Finally Friday Night
I'm The Clown At Your Birthday Party
Life's Too Short
I Want It Now
Freudian Love Song
Dumbest Fucking Thing
Fuck Buddy Song
I Have My Moments
Chokin' the Gopher
Secretly Dainty
All I Want is You
Oh Penelope
Can't You See That I'm In Love With You
Reasonable Facsimile of Love
Please Take Me Home
Thankless Bastard
Paris When It Burns
I Think I'll Join A Cult
Some Sweet Day
Nude Party
Imagine a Picture
I'm Going To Hell
Everyone's A Whore
Knock Things Over
Everything's Fine
Sex & Beer