East Side Kids

East Side kids always get what they want
They don't have to ask, all the West Side kids back down
And nothing is gonna change
Because some West Side kid took my baby away
And I'm all done fooling around
I'm gonna bust some heads, I'm gonna put you down

East Side kids gonna put you down
East Side kids gonna rule this town
East Side kids got you on the run
East Side kids are number one

Meet on the corner of north 43nd and Vine
When you're messin' with a woman you shouldn't oughta mess with mine
And you'd better not try to run
'Cause you won't be walking when I get done
You'll be lucky if you can crawl
You'll be lucky if you can even move at all


Hey boy what's you doing on my side of town?
You better get out quick 'cause we don't like you hanging around
We just don't like your kind
You'd better get out quick before I change my mind
Well, I'm gonna do what I choose
Because I just don't care and I've got nothing to lose