Everybody's Much Too Happy

Everybody's much too happy
It's the strangest thing I've ever seen
Everybody's way too contented
It's gotta be a dream

Everybody owns a beautiful home
A pink flamingo standing in the yard
Everybody works for minimum wage
Everybody's got a credit card
Everybody's got a psychic friend
Everybody's eatin' low-fat food
Everybody is hooked on phonics
So everybody's in a wonderful mood


Everybody's having multiple orgasms
Everybody shops at outlet malls
Everybody's finding God again
He talks to them making cellular calls
Everybody is in perfect shape
'Cause everybody wants to live forever
Everybody's coming out of the closet
Because you see everybody gets along together


This can't be real, where's the hostility?
This can't be real, where's the four-letter words?
This can't be real, where's all the violence
Like all of the rumors we've heard
This can't be real, where's all the suffering?
This can't be real, the pain and the war?
This can't be real, where's all the hatred
You don't seem to see anymore

Everybody's packing picnic lunches
Everybody is packing heat
Everybody's riding on the Info Superhighway
Cause everybody lives on easy street
Every woman has a clear complexion
And every child eats three meals a day
Every man has a huge erection
Every thing is perfect in every way

It's gotta be, it's gotta be, it's gotta be a dream