For Love Or Money

I've only got one memory
I see you sitting on your uncle's knee
With a diamond ring and a string of pearls
I know what your uncle does with little girls
It always turns me off when I think of you touching him
The way people would sell themselves for gold

Look what we do for love or money
Look what we do for love or money
Look what we do for love or money
How much does it cost?

This year big is always best
And every boy and girl are over dressed
Well, might is right, more is most
They'll try to change if you don't look too close
Everyone is pairing off and preparing vacant fallacies
And trying to find each others pride


So call me jealous if you will
And consummate yourself with a dollar bill
Just ask your uncle if you're safe
He's not your real uncle anyway
It always tears me up when I lay awake and wonder why
You must make everything so cheap


Tell me how much it will cost this time

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