Freudian Love Song

Last night I awoke from a deep deep sleep
I awoke and remembered my dreams
That's not something that I usually do
You could shoot me and I'd sleep right thru
But lately I've been so confused
Maybe you can tell me why
Why in my dreams I was

Falling down a hole
Speeding through a tunnel
Spelunking in a cave
Oh what did it mean
Flowing down a drain
Hurtling down a mine shaft
Stuck in quicksand
You were in my dreams

Well I know we just met
and we're hardly even friends
But I can't get you out of my mind
I probably shouldn't be telling you this
After all we never even kissed
Tell me something I might have missed
Maybe you can tell me why

Why in my dreams I was
Watering the lawn
Shooting Roman candles
Watching Old Faithful
Oh what did it mean
Putting out a fire
Filling up a gas tank
Mailing a letter
You were in my dreams.

And do you dream about telephone poles
Carrots and zucchini
Riding a wild stallion
Or making love with me