guitar tabGod loves capitalists more than communists.
God loves fundamentalists more than Methodists.
God loves Americans more than Canadians.
God loves nuclear power

God loves the stars and stripes.
God loves Handi-Wipes, thinks they're so convenient.
God knows where the yellow went.
God has a VCR.
John Wayne is the biggest star, up in the Ivory Tower.

God doesn't love the Pope.
God likes Pepsi more than Coke.
He won't drive a Subaru or a BMW.
God packs a magnum for protection not for fun.
God says make my day.

God votes Republican, the only way to get things done.
God loves makin' dough, don't like payin' taxes though.
God loves Disneyland, loves a man to be a man.
God loves the USA.

God loves democracy more than aristocracy.
God hates Iraqians, Russians, Jews and Libyans
(And anyone else who isn't a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant).
God is good, God is great.
God don't like the welfare state
(He hates Sweden).
God drives a Chevrolet.

God made petroleum to make my Winnebago run.
God made plants and trees.
We can waste them as we please.
God loves the strong and tall.
God loves white folks most of all.
God loves the USA.
God loves the USA.
God loves the USA.
He told me personally, and I know what God likes
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