House On The Rock

Once there was man, his name was Bill
Or maybe Bob, it's not important
He said, You see that rock? I'm going to build a house
Up on that rock and get a couple of wives
He said, What am I thinking? This ain't Utah
I'll be content with just one wife
And me and the wife will have fourteen children
We'll build a house on the rock with lots of love
They'll go to school and study hard
They'll learn computers, isn't that amazing?

So, one day Bill or maybe Bob
As I said before, it's not important
He said, I'm going to need a darn good job
If I'm going to feed fourteen children
So, he went through the want ads and the very next day
He got a job as an attorney-at-law
And his wife stayed home and washed the babies
She made them soup and they grew up strong
And when he'd come back to the house on the rock
They'd hug his knees and say, we love you daddy

Well, Bill got old and so did Bob
His wife did too and the kids left home
So Bill and his wife went out and bought
A shiny new recreational vehicle
As big as a whale, as long as a train
They sold the house, the house on the rock
And they drove that beast from state to state
I think they missed one of the Dakotas
Now on the holidays all the kids return
To the parking lot of a discount center