I Don't Listen

I've been walking down the streets in any old direction
I don't think I'll ever find my way
People tell that it might be time for introspection
But I don't listen to a word they say

I've been waking up in other people's neighborhoods, but
That's happened to me lots of times before
I tell myself its true, we're though and you are gone for good, but
I don't listen to me anymore

And every night I dream of you
I keep you in my mind
Every night is living proof
My love is really blind

Isn't it pathetic?

Everybody says that you've become a different person
You've already been through thirty guys
And then they tell me my condition only seems to worsen
But I don't listen to their dirty lies

Every night I dream of you
I hope you dream of me
Ever night is living proof
How blind a man can be

Isn't it pathetic?

I've been hoping someday I could work it out with you but
I don't think that day will ever come
People say that might not be the smartest thing to do but
I'm not listening to anyone

I don't listen to just anyone
That's my problem, I don't listen