I'm Artistic

I don't need money, I don't need friends
I don't need a woman, well, maybe now and then
And I don't have to act like regular people do
I don't wear shoes, 'cause....

I'm artistic
I'm an artist
And I'm much better than you

When I was a baby, my mama said to me
"Oh little baby, you're a genius" and I beleived
And she said, "I'll protect you from the nasty old world outside
Give you a place to hide

Cause you're artistic
You're an artist
You're artistic, through and through"


And the feelings that I feel are felt with much more feeling
And the thoughts that I think are thought with much deeper thinking
And when I say "Fuck you" I don't necessarily mean it
No, I really mean it

I'm filled with torment and I'm wracked with pain
At all the downtown discos they think I'm half insane
And you probably won't appreciate the wonderful things I've said
Until I'm dead, 'cause....


I'm so much hipper than you
I wear more earrings than you
My clothes are blacker than yours
My expression is much more reticent than yours

My attitude is much more sullen than yours
There are more shaved portions on my head than yours
I was mentioned more times in Andy Worhol's diaries than you
I know more hip places to go before you do

I'm so much better than you
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