It's Not Worth It

It's not worth it anymore
To go on pretending our life is the same as before
It's not worth it - can't you see
That I'm getting tired of you getting tired of me

Nothing I do ever seems to suit you
Done every page of the Kama Sutra
And you just turn away
More and more each day

It's not worth it anymore
It's not worth it anymore
It's not worth it anymore

It's not worth it - no it's not
To try and hold on to what little it is we've got
It's not worth it - to go on
When all of the things we assumed to be right turned out wrong
Something's changed and we can't deny it
The house is cold and it's awful quiet
'Cause no one ever speaks
For weeks and weeks and weeks


I - I might cry
If I thought that it would do me any good
And you might cry too
Both of us would change things if we could