Life Is Tricky, Life Is Tough

Cruz and Picasso and all of the Pablos
Came from Los Angles from Los Diablos
Sat on a bench scratching lottery tickets
Dreamed of a house with a fence of white pickets
Oh what a hopeless dream
Maybe you know what I mean

Life is tricky, life is tough
Life is short, you don't get enough
It's filled with complicated stuff
Life is tricky, life is tough

All of the optimists met all the cynics
Had a huge fight and they filled up the clinics
Dreaming of glasses half-full and half-empty
Looking for some kind of truth, evidently
I knew it all before
There's only one thing for sure


And when it's good, it's so good
It's so unbelievably good
And when it's bad, it's not so bad
It's the only one you'll ever have


Now I've got the answers, I just need the questions
Right now my head is filled up with congestion
Yeah, my head is so full I can't do any thinking
I tell you I love you, I'm only lip-syncing
No matter what you heard
You can believe every word

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