Anyone's Guess

I sit on the sofa with you and your mother
Looking at pictures of you as a kid
God, you were ugly but I sit here laughing
At every adorable thing that you did

There's one of you naked on a bearskin rug
Smiling so sweetly and cute like a bug
Your mother doesn't know that I've seen that picture
Many times before

I've met your mother - what happens now?
I've seen you naked - what happens now?
What happens next is anyone's guess

I lie on the bed in my head I'm replaying
A movie of you and me having sex
Candles are burning the soundtrack is blasting
This isn't love it's just special effects

Is there a part of the script that my ears didn't catch?
Why does it feel like my heads not attached?
Why does it seem like I've seen this movie
Many times before

I told you I love you - what happens now?
You told me you love me - what happens now?
What happens next is anyone's guess

We climb up the mountain and jump off the edge
We land on our feet and we land on our heads
Why does it seem like we've learned this lesson
Many times before