Molly O'Scanlan

Molly O'Scanlan
Got a lot of class
She's up on a table
Shaking her ass
Showing her tattoo
To every Tom, Dick and Harry
With any luck at all
We'll get married

Isn't that scary?

Molly O'Scanlan
What a lovely mess
She's up on the bar now
Half undressed
Mysterious and wild
Like the wind and the weather
With any luck at all
We'll be together

Forever and ever

Molly O'Scanlan
Walking down the aisle
Carrying a rose
Carrying my child
She looks in my eyes
And says "I do"
I look in her eyes
And say "I do" too

Molly O'Scanlan
Such a lovely mess
When I pop the question
I hope she says yes
That'll be the day
When Hell freezes over
With any luck at all
I may get to know her

Some day I'll really know her

It's Molly O'Scanlan
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