Mr. And Mrs. Money

They had a great big house on top a hill
He was on the move and she was on the pill
They had twin Mercedes in their garage
And a big career in arbitrage
Meet Mr. & Mrs Money

They're filthy rich but they're sqeaky clean
They talk to each other through an answering machine
They've got more possessions then they can use
Hi-tech junk in every room
That's Mr. & Mrs. Money

Green is their favorite color
White is their favorite line
They don't have a favorite dollar
'Cept for yours and mine

He robs from the rich and gives to himself
He bought up a luxery hotel
Spent private nights in suite 306
Tied his secretary up just to get his kicks
That's Mr. & Mrs. Money

She slept with the man who trims the shrubs
She slept with the massuese at the fitness clus
If there's three things that she enjoys
It's a bottle of wine and two teenage boys
Mr. & Mrs. Money, Mr. & Mrs. Money

Green is their favorite color
More is their favorite word
Don't have a favorite dollar
Oh, but have you heard?

That yesterday there was a change in plans
Mr. Money got caught in an investment scam
He jumped out the window of the stock exchange
Left his wife with nothing but pocket change
Mr. & Mrs. Money

Here they come