Nothing Is The Way It's Supposed To Be

Where is my wife
The one I'm supposed to have
The one who's like the one
Who married dear old dad
Who brings me lemonade
When I'm working in the yard
Who's in the kitchen when I'm hungry
In the bedroom when I'm hard
Where, oh where is she
How come nothing is the way it's supposed to be

Where are my kids
With their grimy little hands
Who treat me like I'm God
And follow my commands
Their little tiny feet
Going pitter-patter-pit
I take them to the doctor
He says this won't hurt a bit
Where are all the branches of my family tree
How come nothing is the way its supposed to be

How come nothing is the way
That I hoped that it would be
When I was very young and so naive
How come nothing ever goes
The way I think it should
My life is not so bad
But then again, it's not so good

So tell me where is the job
That's supposed to make me rich
Absolutely, totally, filthy stinking rich
Where is the lottery
That I'm supposed to win
So I can just lie down
And I will never work again
Where is my big blanket of security
How come nothing is the way it's supposed to be