Oh Man, I Understand

I was afraid to go out in the city
Oh man I understand
I was feeling so blue and so shitty
Oh man I understand

So I stood in the shower just singing
Oh man I understand
And the phone started ringing and ringing
Oh man I understand
Oh man do I understand

I had no motivation left in me
I was smoking Capris like a chimney
And I felt like the world's last survivor
Watching reruns of Chips and MacGyver
Oh man, do I understand

I understand that some days are good
Some days are bad
Some days are boring
And some are just sad
Especially these when you're not here with me

So I'll wait for you to come save me
I won't join the marines or the navy
And tonight there'll be music and laughter
We'll stay happily here ever after
Oh man do I understand