Once I Got Excited

Once I got excited looking at some glossy pictures
Of some women in a catalog that the mailman brought to me
Once I got excited watching movies on cable
But it didn't make me go berserk or turn to beastiality

Once I got excited when you touched me on the shoulder
Yeah, I know it don't take much but that's just how it is with me
Once I got excited when I saw you were excited
And it made me more excited then I thought I'd ever be

Once I got excited when you called me up from London
It was something in your voice so many thousand miles away
Once I got excited for no apparent reason
It could've been the weather, maybe just the time of day

Once I got disgusted when I found out there were people
Who don't like to be excited, they just sit around and pray
They don't want you to be excited because they think it's really dirty
Between praying and excitement, I'll take excitement every day