Out In California

Out in California
They think they're really cool
You know they lie around on blankets
At the beach and swimming pool
And just as soon as they inspect their tan lines
They got a billion other things to do

Out in California
They're better than we are
They get no questions from their parents
They got no ceilings on their cars
And when they're finished waxing down their surfboards
They go out riding in their GTOs

Out there -- the sun is shining bright
Out there -- the people laugh all night
Out there -- you know it ain't no place for me
Out in California, out in California

Out in California
There are bikinis everywhere
They live in mansions with a mortgage
And they go well with yellow hair
And you can see them hanging out with blue jeans
Cruising up and down the Sunset Strip


Out in California
Where all the movie starlets die
They leave their homes in Minnesota
You know they make their mommas cry
And if they're feeling sort of self-destructive
Then they can take a trip to Disneyland