Well, she's one of those people that make you feel cheap
Still, you can't look away when you see here in the street
She looks like an angel who has just jumped out of Hell
Ooh, how I want her, but here friends who know her well
Tell me she will never tumble

Phoebe, wherefore art thou, Phoebe?
Do you need me someway, somehow Phoebe?
I may be weak, I'm not too proud
She breaks my heart, she laughs out loud
Phoebe, where for art thou, Phoebe?

She make you think you've got it made, but you're in for a surprise
She never shows you her claws until she's scratching out your eyes
And to prove my affection I give her everything I own
To complete her collection I stand in line out side her home
So to try and make her tumble


Hey Phoebe, why you got that chip on your shoulder?
Hey Phoebe, someone must have hurt you pretty bad
Hey Phoebe, why you want to do those things you do?
You know I only want to love you
I only love you


Look at me, tell me why
Oh Phoebe
Tell me why you want to do those things you do?