Racist Song

I donít like anyone whoís different than me
I donít like anyone who disagrees
My life is perfect just far as I can see
I donít like anyone whoís different than me
Thatís why I donít like Jack, his skin is black
I donít like Eloise Ďcause sheís Japanese
I donít like Lou, because heís a Jew
Iím not even sure if I like you


They ought to lock up the gays and the lesbians too
Because the donít have sex the way normal people do
With the man on the top and the woman confused
Give me a gun and before Iím through

There wonít be anybody different than me
There wonít be anybody who disagrees
Life will be perfect just as far as we can see
There wonít be anybody who is different than me

Now wouldnít it be right, wouldnít it be nice
If everyone were white
And everyone believed in Jesus Christ
And we all spoke English

The foreigners and minorities
Are going to take my job away from me
Driving big fancy cars, you know, they get them for free
They might fool you but they donít fool me

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