Be That Way

Put me down, lie to me
Tell me this, tell me that
Go out with your stupid friends
In your country-western hat
And don't pick up the telephone
Never tell me where you are
Get a job dancing nude
In some scary biker bar

Go ahead, be that way
Break my heart, night and day
Make me cry, that's okay
Go ahead and be that way

Yesterday I believed
Every word you said to me
Now I'm not so gullible
Now I'm only miserable
And I can hardly wait to see
The next surprise in store for me
Take your time, work it out
That's what love is all about


Drag my name through the mud
Act just like I don't exist
Ruin me financially
Burn my house and steal my car
And don't pick up the telephone
Never ask me where I was
Always run just as wild
As my imagination does