Be Together Soon

guitar tabWell, I don't much but I can see
That I love you and you love me
We didn't plan this out - it was luck
And we don't make love, we just
Circle 'round the bed wearing wicked smiles
With our clothes in every corner of the room
I hope that we can be together soon

Well, our hearts beat fast, the music's slow
We've got the hi-fi high
And the lights down low
You say, "come here daddy and kiss me quick"
I touch your hand and you touch my
Heart like no else has ever touched before
And soon you're wearing nothing but perfume
I hope that we can be together soon

Because when you're not here, I feel lost
I got my doors wide open and my fingers crossed
When you're not here, I can't wait
I take a long hot bath and I master
French and Italian and a little bit of Greek
I write a little poem about the moon
I hope that we can be together soon
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